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Welcome to the Expectations Engineering -Leadership Training

After this “train -the-trainer” course, you are qualified to lead the expectations engineering competence building in the part of the organisation that you are responsible for.

You will be comfortable in the terminology, be capable of setting performance targets for your teams and know the concepts good enough to improve your teams performance significantly .

You will have the support from the trainer all the way.

You will have peers from the industry to share inspiration with.

To accomplish this, Whitebox has tailored this leadership training, by exploiting the flexibility of asynchrone online training with the comfort of meetings where a small(5-6) confident group of peers can share reflexions and experiences

You and five peers from the industry will be challenged to have your teams performing according to your ambitions. You will get the knowledge required, assess your team’s current performance, and finally set targets for the teams. During this, you will benefit from the support of your peers, who are going through exactly the same. And the support from the trainer who also want you to succeed. 

The practices of Expectations Engineering are well known
The leadership challenge is to pick the best and make it work for the team

Module structure

All modules follows the structure seen to the right. 

You will find additional material in the “Materials” folder including a PDF of the powerpoint used in the course video. 

“Rationales” are short videos that elaborates on a specific topic. They are important, and are distributed all over for your convenience. You don’t need to see it again if you allready have seen it, but view it again if you feel uncertain about the topic. 

Course structure

There are 3 sessions of 4 hours. There will be preparation before each session to keep the sessions focused on dialogue and personal evaluations.  All facilitated by the trainer.

The journey will take you through (take a deeeep breath) establishing what you should expect from Expectation Engineering, how to apply, to whom and what their roles should be, what level of traceability you can benefit from, how you can know if the teams are good enough, relevant types and styles, how to elicit expectations and what they are worth, what risks they introduce and how to mitigate those by testing if they are good enough, and how to manage changes to all of them. 

And by the end of the Leadership Course, you have your own prioritized list of practicies to improve, and a tactical plan for how to make your teams significantly smarter. ½ day session

Introduction to the new concepts

  • Expectations
  • Corporate memory
  • Corporate competences

Introduction to the EE leadership role and responsibilities

Introduction to the training system architecture.

2.nd ½ day session

The overall target performance is greater solutions- All the EE disciplines/modules contribute to the overall performance. To lead your teams, you must know the specific contributions to prioritize and set targets. 

In this session, all the modules will be reviewed for their contribution. Not the content, only their contribution. 

You will make an initial judgement of each disciplines potential for your teams.

3.rd ½ day session

At the end of this day, you will have a personal tactical plan for how your teams will become capable of making grater solutions. 

But before, we will discuss:

  • What quality means in EE
  • The challenges and risks for you
  • What discipline you find has the highest potentials

Now, jump into lesson 1 : Leadership Training #1