How to form teams that quickly
govern all the expectations from all the stakeholders


Want teams that makes greater products - faster?

Struggling with Requirement Development and Requirement Management? Most do. Very unfortunate, because when you don’t have an operational level of requirements at a reasonable level of quality, collaboration between all stakeholders is jeopardized and you are facing way too much annoying rework.

EE establish a new organizational professionalism which strengthen the weakest link in the value chain from idea to delivery/product/solution. EE is a holistic paradigm, because it reframe the Requirements Engineering, Risk Management, Configuration Management, Quality  and the Testing disciplines around all the stakeholder’s expectations to the solution.  

What is Whitebox Expectations?

Whitebox Expectations is a unique way to a predictable roadmap through fast and efficient development. It is a combination of two new Whitebox consepts; Expectations Engineering and Online Coporate Competence building, which in combination is taking corporate competence building into the 21. century.


The scope for this service is one ambitious manager/group leader who wants his/her teams to perform better.

The output is teams that creating better input to technical engineering. It happens because the group leader is guided to lead their teams through evaluating how they work today and how they can improve tomorrow almost entirely integrated in their daily work. The investment from the team members are less than 1 hour a week. This is as smooth as competence development can be.

Focus on the quality of the requirements

Teams training takes Individual Training to the next level by making EE a team competence. It takes training and leadership! Training is provided in the EE-learning-system as “Leadership course” and “Team training”.

Leadership is guided by establishing the specific commitment from the group leader. 
Every action is revolving around one central topic, that if improved, it drives all the change. When the group leader and the teams begin to focus on the quality of the requirements, all the actions will lead to better products faster. That journey is facilitated by Whitebox Expectations Team Training. 

Facilitated by Whitebox Expectations - Team Training

Example: The team select one topic/discipline to focus on in the next sprint/iteration/period, and all team members  spend 1 hour taking the related module in Whitebox Expectations. Besides getting the training, you will be encouraged to take a step backwards and view the teams practices in the light of the training and discover if there is anything that you think could be done smarter., and your valuable input is captured in the system. Your team leader gets all the input from the team members and can prepare the next meeting/retrospective where the team decide the little practical thing, that will make up the big difference. This is how healthy improvements happens, very smoothly. 

If the “Team Training” is used for a broader part of the organization the collaboration between managers for this topic is strongly supported by the system. The Leadership training as well as the Commitment Workshop will enhance this benefit and ensure the transformation of EE to a corporate competence.


Whitebox Expectations includes 17 learning modules.

  • 9 discipline modules (Classification, Elicitation, Business case, Risk, Verification, Validation,, Configuration Management, Quality and Style) 
  • 8 Basic modules (EE storyline, EE levels, Stakeholders, Roles and Responsibility, Traceability, Quality assurance, Design and Change Management).

Each module takes 30-40 minutes to complete, and includes learning goals, videos, text, extra materials, quizzes and links to supporting rationales (videos), to support the argumentation for “why” the practices are important to create better solutions.

Watch the video below to get an overview over the modules.

The payment structure

A prerequisite for the team training is that the leader has taken the leadership Training. Minimum team size is 10 members.

Price per team member per month: 

  • Kr. 195 for les than 100 participants, 
  • Kr. 145 for 100 to 500 participants
  • Kr. 95 for more than 500 participants.
  • Minimum duration is 1 year. All prices ex VAT.

A certificate is issued when all quizzes are passed. After receiving the certificate, you can keep access to all materials, including updates and new modules, and EE forums for Kr. 50 / month

The weakest link

Two observations from 30 years of service points out the weakest link in the value chain that creates business based on new products or solutions.

1. While the industry has excelled fantastic in advanced technical engineering, the engineering of the expectations to the solution has hardly developed at all!

2. While the industry has clearly recognized “poor requirements” as being the main source of problems, there is still no coherent training available!

Establishing the correct expectations to the solutions is surprisingly difficult and most quality costs can be traced to this. It takes a company trained in expectations engineering to get it right. 

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Counseling assignments of experience

Besides the experience minimizing the effort required to successfully implementing improvement projects, the activities are based on the results from the ImprovAbility(TM) research project, now the foundation of ISO33014.

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“Whitebox Expectations” is individual training, team training and corporate competence building. Based on ImprovAbility/ISO33014 for the corporate benefits, common available standards and methods for the content and applying the latest learning management tools for modern asynchronous online learning and certification.

Your company's one stop solution to have 30% more new products, faster, by strengthen the weakest link.