Welcome to the Whitebox Assessment / Benchmark introduction

You are taking this session to be prepared to the assessment, and to provide your first and very valuable input to assessors planning of the interview. Please be sure to complete 🙂

First – an introduktion from Peter Møller Jacobsen.


We will spend some time together in the near future, so please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Both, Jørn & Morten, are Senior Partners at Whitebox

This is Jørn….

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…and this is Morten

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Why CMMi?

CMMI is just a model! A representation of something complex presented in a way that helps us manage the complexity. Product development is indeed very a complex process and to perform better we need overview to prioritize and detailed insight to improve.  

What is CMMI

Could it be another model?? Yes, e.g.ISO33061 covers the same scope. The content is the same, just arranged slightly different.

In Whitebox we find CMMI to be the best and most operational model.  And this version is free to download here.

You ca find a lot of inspiration in it. But remember that it is not telling you exactly what to do. It is telling you what the best are typically doing, but you always need to apply your professional judgement to decide what is important to you. Reading the model end-to-end is tough! But seeking inspiration is recommended. 

Now let’s take a look at what is inside CMMI – and what is not.


Together we do the assessment to get the overview – and the detailed insight. 

You are participating in it. Please find out how in this video.

The benefits

You will recognize better product development performance in many ways. It’s up to you to decide what you find is most important, but the sole purpose is to get more and better products out faster in a way that is more professional and less stressing than before. If improvements are done well, everyone is happy.

The plan

The plan for the VESTAS A&M CMMI assessment 2022-2023 looks like this:


Finally, the exercise. The link to this session came in an e-mail. When you have returned the mail as described here, you are done with this session, and have no other obligations before attending the interview you are invited to.