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Welcome to Whitebox Expectations Engineering course

Welcome to the “Whitebox Expectations” course.  

We are here to fight annoying rework with professionalism! 

Because, despite 50 years of training and good intentions, the industry is still strugling with Requirements Engineering, Testing and Risk management

Techniques and practices has been available, but rarely provided the expected benefit.

There must be something fundamentally wrong in the traditional approach! 


We believe that we have  found the defect, fixed it and designed a new approach. We must talk about “Expectations Engineering” – EE! It is “Same, same, but different”. You can use all you have learned, but in a fundamentally different way.  We have designed a learning path for an organisation to become significantly more productive through Expectations Engineering competences. The path is called “Whitebox Expectations” 

Explained in words…….

The intention behind Whitebox Expectations is that you become a better professional! Nothing should be done, if you cannot see the benefit of doing it.  One of the historical mistakes is to forget the “why”. Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me and the team? There is always a better reason than compliance, and it is performance. But it is so easy to lose sight of the benefit, when struggling with techniques, templates and regulatory requirements. That is why we are so enthusiastic about the “Rationales”! Our goal is that for every time you lose sight of “what’s in it for me”, then there is a rationale that can help to restore the “why”.  Rationales are small videos explaining why something is important, and we distribute them all over the modules and lessons for your convenience. Use them as you like to restore faith in why you should care about a specific issue. 

Another important aspect is that the team must learn together- the same! One brilliant colleague that have taking great courses in e.g. test management, simply cannot release the potential of his skills, if not the organization has an adequate competence level  to support and execute. That explains why the intoxicating feeling of enlightenment one feel after a great course, normally evaporates on the first normal working day. Whitebox Expectations is designed as a corporate learning program. Because  only corporate competences can improve the corporate performance. So when you take a quiz your personal score is of little importance but your contribution to improve the teamwork is very important. But of course, the better you are, the more you can contribute.   

“Corporate Competence” is further explained in the following “Rationale” example:

And if you wonder what we mean when we say “holistic”, then check this rationale.

Rationales, like this, you will meet in the modules. Only see them, if the topic is not clear to you…..

The last lesson “Rationales – the reasons” is just a list of them all. 

Module structure

Each module follows the same structure. The structure is illustrated on the right. 

Order of lessons and modules!

Take the course as listed below, or in any other order! There is only little natural order in the concept, so if you feel like changing the order – please do. If you feel you miss some topics or definitions, then skim the relevant module for clarification.

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