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Besides the experience minimizing the effort required to successfully implementing improvement projects, the activities are based on the results from the ImprovAbility(TM) research project, nor the foundation of ISO33014

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Have you heard frustration expressed by both the team and the customer related to misunderstandings, that follow these patterns:

  • “But we told you so a long time ago!”
  • “Why don’t they listen?”
  • “That was never part of the agreement”
  • “If they had told us that four month ago, we wouldn’t have to do it again!”

Unreliable plans

There are always many competing causes to a project delay, but they all jeopardize the reliability of the roadmap.  They divide into two major parts, and one of them is particular in scope here.

Disappointing quality

If the margin for a product is jeopardized over time by sneaking quality costs, Expectations Engineering could have avoided a significant part. Watch the video if this is relevant to you.

Team overload

Look out for these critical responses to overload.

  • Stress
  • Good people leaving
  • Frustrated employees
  • Hard to attract new talent
  • Sick leave
  • Lost motivation
  • Lost commitment
  • Lost loyality

If any of these symptoms are demonstrated, watch this, to understand why all confusion about what is the right solution eventually ends up being the teams problem.


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“Whitebox Expectations” is individual training, team training and corporate competence building. Based on ImprovAbility/ISO33014 for the corporate benefits, common available standards and methods for the content and applying the latest learning management tools for modern asynchronous online learning and certification.

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