The role of the Team member in Whitebox Expectations

Great products and solutions to be proud of! Yes – we all like that, and getting there fast is the sole purpose of Expectations Engineering. Being curious and willing to test new ways of getting to fast solutions is the main quest for the team members. 

The teams role is to contribute with experience and input to more professional practices that brings great products and solutions faster to market. 
There is no big revolution waiting around the corner, but a lot of small improvements of practices that the teams are already performing.

Expectations engineering is bringing back the focus on why the practice is performed and what it must bring to the team. The team must challenge the current practice if it is not valuable enough. Some practices can be tuned within the project, but some require changes to organisational structures. 

Executive management and group leaders are committet to support the improvements required to get better products and solutions faster to market, so thinking “out of the box” is encouraged.

A team uses the relevant modules in Whitebox Expectations to re-establish why a practice is important and which benefits it must provide. Then use this insight and the examples to make improvements to the way the team perform the practice. Then they try it out, and make sure to share the experiences, as other teams may benefit greatly from the experience.