Why hire when you can achieve more with the teams you have?


A new alternative strategy to hiring more engineers/developers.

You can train your organization to avoid the 30% average annoying rework. Whitebox Expectations is designed to facilitate that training in the smoothest way possible. It takes all you must expect from an ambitious leadership, plus a framework to support the competence building.  Welcome to the framework!

The clue is to focus on the input to technical engineering. We call that Expectations Engineering. That’s the origin of the 30% rework, but not for great expectations engineers. You can make them great…..

To establish the Expectations Engineering (EE) professionalism, you need trained teams and the training is provided by Whitebox Expectations – Teams Training. This will give you team members who are skilled and motivated.

That is only one step! You need middle management to drive teams to get the best performance out of the EE skills. This training is provided by Whitebox Expectations – Leadership Training, and will establish a local learning culture driven by middle management and based on the team members experience.

The third step is to review some organizational structures to ensure that creating great products  is truly established as organizational team work. This is established in the Whitebox Expectations – Commitment Workshop after which there is a corporate commitment to improve all the practices that brings greater solutions faster to the market.


Whitebox Expectations is the alternative to three weeks of classic class room training but delivered in a modern learning management system where the participants spend 1 hour a week of their own choice. But since it is fully integrated into the daily life, continuous performance improvement will become an integrated part of daily life. That is how great performance is achieved. 

That’s why we claim that there is no more smooth way of establishing the competences required to deliver greater solutions – faster. 

What is Whitebox Expectations?

Whitebox Expectations is a unique way to a predictable roadmap through fast and efficient development. It is a combination of two new Whitebox consepts; Expectations Engineering and Online Coporate Competence building, which in combination is taking corporate competence building into the 21. century.

The innovative contribution from Expectations Engineering is the  reframing of the Requirements Engineering, Risk Management, Configuration Management, Quality  and the Testing disciplines around all the expectations to the solution. There is no revolutionary new practices that promise to save the world, but a holistic and pragmatic approach to selecting the best practice and make it work. 


To the left, you see an overview of the modules in the teams training.  

Each module takes 30-40 minutes to complete, and includes learning goals, videos, text, extra materials, quizzes and links to supporting rationales (videos), to support the argumentation for “why” the practices are important to create better solutions.

The modules are further explained in this video.


The scope for this service is an organizational unit / division / business area, where the business responsible is ready to invest in the competences required to make greater solutions faster. 

The weakest link

Two observations from 30 years of service points out the weakest link in the value chain that creates business based on new products or solutions.

1. While the industry has excelled fantastic in advanced technical engineering, the engineering of the expectations to the solution has hardly developed at all!

2. While the industry has clearly recognized “poor requirements” as being the main source of problems, there is still no coherent training available!

Establishing the correct expectations to the solutions is surprisingly difficult and most quality costs can be traced to this. It takes a company trained in expectations engineering to get it right. 

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Counseling assignments of experience
Whitebox has analyzed what typically restrict the performance despite all the good intentions and designed Whitebox Expectations to enable a leadership that deals with the impediments. Behind is both extensive practical experience and research results from the ImprovAbility(TM) research project, now the foundation of ISO33014.
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“Whitebox Expectations” is individual training, team training and corporate competence building. Based on ImprovAbility/ISO33014 for the corporate benefits, common available standards and methods for the content and applying the latest learning management tools for modern asynchronous online learning and certification.

Your company's one stop solution to have 30% more new products, faster, by strengthen the weakest link.