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How can you benefit from Whitebox Expectations?

Whitebox Expectations is a learning platform designed to teach individuals, teams and organizations to avoid the annoying rework and bring greater products faster to the market. Our value proposition makes individual competences useful in the organization. 


What is Whitebox Expectations?

Whitebox Expectations is a unique way to a predictable roadmap through fast and efficient development. It is a combination of two new Whitebox consepts; Expectations Engineering and Online Coporate Competence building, which in combination is taking corporate competence building into the 21. century.

The learning structure

To the right is an example of our fully adaptable course setupWatch the video above to learn more about, how we structure the path towards greater products! 


The scope for this service an organizational unit / division / business area, where the business responsible are ready to invest in the competences required to make greater products faster. Whitebox has analyzed what typically restrict the performance despite all the good intentions and designed Whitebox Expectations to enable a leadership that deals with the impediments.

It all starts with commitment

Step 1: Commitment Workshop

The business responsible manager prepare the input to the workshop, and together with Whitebox establish targets for the workshop and the agenda.

Outcome: Organizational commitment to improvements, realistic business targets and a strategy for improving.

Step 3: Team training

Leaders encourage the teams to take the Whitebox Expectations Modules in the Team Training and reflect and improve the most critical practices.

Outcome: Many small and important improved practices that quickly build up the performance.  

Step 2: Leadership training

Middle management (group leaders in EE terms) take the leadership training to know all the relevant concepts, learn the system and learn to listen for improvement candidates and set realistic targets for improvements.

Outcome: Aligned leaders ready to coach the teams.

The weakest link

Two observations from 30 years of service indentifies the weakest link in the value chain in businesses which are based on creating new products or solutions.

1. While the industry has excelled fantastic in advanced technical engineering, the engineering of the expectations to the solution has hardly developed at all!

2. While the industry has clearly recognized “poor requirements” as being the main source of problems, there is still no coherent training available!

Establishing the correct expectations to the solutions is surprisingly difficult and most quality costs can be traced to this. It takes a company trained in expectations engineering to get it right. 

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Counseling assignments of experience
Besides the experience minimizing the effort required to successfully implementing improvement projects, the activities are based on the results from the ImprovAbility(TM) research project, now the foundation of ISO33014
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“Whitebox Expectations” is individual training, team training and corporate competence building. Based on ImprovAbility/ISO33014 for the corporate benefits, common available standards and methods for the content and applying the latest learning management tools for modern asynchronous online learning and certification.

Your company's one stop solution to have 30% more new products, faster, by strengthen the weakest link.